Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About Me...

I realized that in order to make a blog interesting to readers, it is important to let them know where you are coming from so that you know what and why certain aspects of the financial world interest you.

I am a married male, who is a recent graduate (mid 20's)from university in the computer field. (A geek) I work in my field of study and have been doing so since 2005. My wife and I are expecting our first child in November of 2008 which is extremely exciting for us.

I have been interested in business and finance since I was in high school. I like to read about planning for retirement and anything to do with entrepreneurial matter. For example, stock photography and Google Adsense are both ways that you can generate a new income stream. I am also interested in the investment property idea although my wife feels that now is not the time to work on this interest.

It should be noted that I could be considered a cheap skate and am frugal for most things. I do have a budget and track spending on a regular basis and find it important to calculate net worth on a monthly basis. One of my personal goals is to eliminate my mortgage quickly although I do struggle with the idea of paying down the mortgage versus investing the money.

That is a little bit about me,

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